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Looking for a First-Class Background Check Company in Singapore?

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Background Checks
Employment Checks

We provide you thorough information on the background of your potential employees

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Due Diligence
Due Diligence Checks

Is the employee you are hiring truly who he/she claims to be?

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Recruitment Consultation
Business Background Checks

Verify information & authenticity of the business that your company is working with

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Scopes of Employment Background Checks

Education Qualification Verification

Verify the academic and other qualifications of prospective candidates. Helps to avoid the possible costs and damages caused by credentials fraud.

Employment History

To confirm information such as places of previous employment of your candidate, dates of employment, job titles, salary earned at each job, and reasons for leaving. Assures that all the experience and qualifications listed on your potential employee’s resume are accurate.

Past Employers Testimonial

Recommendation letter from the previous employer will provide valuable information on your candidates – what kind of employee they are, how well they interacted with others, skills they have, and whether they were competent in their position.

Criminal Record Checks

Helping you as employer make safer recruitment decisions, enabling you to undertake appropriate checks on employees who may come into contact with children and vulnerable groups.

Personal Information Validation

To confirm that the name, address, phone number and other related personal information of your potential employee is accurate and updated.

Social Media Profile

Social media has become an important tool to screen job applicants before hiring. It allows you to uncover any questionable behavior of your candidates or discrepancies with job applications.

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√  Our extensive experience in background screening for Singapore companies

√  Obtaining data from authoritative sources

√  Job performed by experienced HR professional and not outsourced services

√  We provide you reports with high quality data, ensuring you get the most updated and accurate information

√  Fast turn around time, so that you can make hiring decision sooner than later

√  We offer professional pre-employment screening advice based on years of industry experience

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